Suction Floor Polisher

SEBO Disco Suction Floor Polisher

Made in Germany, the commercial-grade DISCO Suction Polisher makes hard floors shine like new, and it is truly a revolution in hard-floor care! This innovative Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) polisher has a five-year warranty and works with a patented disc drive that instantaneously adjusts the floor pad to the optimum height setting, along with providing automatic shut off for disc obstructions or suction blockages. The DISCO head attaches to the SEBO FELIX upright vacuum; therefore, it has a suction capability that simultaneously removes the fine dust created during the polishing process. This polisher is lightweight, easy to operate, and very low cost compared to alternative polishing machines.
With a rotation of 2,000 RPMs and a special coating on the floor pads, the DISCO restores high-gloss shine to many types of hard floors without the use of water, chemicals or polishing sands. The new pad technology achieves its results by using four different floor pads, each of which is designed to accomplish distinctly different tasks. The pads are color-coded to assure proper selection. In addition, they are highly abrasion resistant and have a life expectancy of over 100,000 square feet.

Unique Features

  • A quick and easy pad-change mechanism
  • Agile and easy to use. Due to a highly maneuverable swivel neck and high-quality castors
  • Automatic torque-controlled height adjustment of the floor pad
  • A convenient machine width of 13 inches and a polish path of 11 ¾ inches
  • Automatic safety shut off caused by disc obstructions or suction blockages
  • The complete modular system includes a vacuum cleaner and a hard-floor polisher
  • Bumpers to protect walls, furniture and the polisher
  • Three rubber-coated wheels to protect floor surfaces
  • Immediate retention of polishing dust by the suction unit
  • Lightweight, low cost, commercial grade maintenance
  • Reinforced drive disc that provides optimal floor contact and a speed of 2,000 RPM

Why is the SEBO DISCO revolutionary?

Typically, maintaining the shine of hard floors is difficult, due to the following problems:
  • Small and medium-size furnished hard-floor areas do not easily accommodate typical polishers.
  • Big, heavy, hard-floor polishing machines are difficult to use, require trained staff and are expensive.
  • Regular maintenance of hard floors is costly and time consuming.
  • Typical hard-floor polishers have limited flexibility and mobility.
  • Most hard-floor polishers cannot reach small areas.
  • Correct use of floor-care chemicals and polishing sands is difficult and requires sophisticated knowledge.
The DISCO Suction Polisher is the solution to all of these problems!

PLEASE NOTE: The suitability of all floor surfaces should first be determined by consulting the manufacturer recommendations, and then by testing the DISCO and its four pads in an inconspicuous spot. If floor damage occurs, immediately discontinue use.

The DISCO is usually suitable for the following types of floors:
  • PVC (coated or uncoated vinyl or vinyl composite tiles).
  • Natural stone, such as granite, marble or terrazzo.
  • Acrylic or polyurethane-coated floors.
  • Hardwood with oil or varnish finishes.
  • Hardwood or other floors with soft-coated finishes, like wax (use the blue floor pad only).
The DISCO is NOT suitable for the following types of floors:
  • Any floor on which a shiny finish is not desired.
  • Glazed, ceramic and porcelain tiles, or porous tiles such as terracotta or slate.
  • Cushioned vinyl, linoleum, laminate, and any floor types that are poorly bonded to the sub-floor.
  • All floors with textured or uneven surfaces or tiles with raised edges.
  • Floors with maintenance-free coatings, floors in which acceptability of the polisher is uncertain, or when polisher use is contrary to manufacturer recommendations.
Wear Items

The Red, Yellow and Green Floor Pads – restore the shine of dull, scratched and scuffed hard-floor surfaces without the use of water, chemicals or polishing sands. The pads do the work using the following three-step procedure (soft coatings should not be present):
  • Step One. The Red Floor Pad – removes the deepest or most visible scratches and smoothens the floor surface. Thus, it prepares the floor for the yellow pad.
  • Step Two. The Yellow Floor Pad – restores a higher gloss finish and prepares the floor surface for the green pad.
  • Step Three. The Green Floor Pad – creates the final gloss finish in the “three-step process,” and it is suitable for daily use to maintain the floor’s high-gloss finish.
The Blue Floor Pad – is designed to maintain soft coatings, like wax, on hard floors, and it is suitable for daily use as well. It should be used along with a typical floor wax suitable for the specific floor surface or recommended by the flooring manufacturer. And because the DISCO has suction ability while polishing, it removes the fine dust from fully dried floor-wax products.

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